A look into CSC’s asia Operations….

CSC has over two decades of international process experience across the global technology marketplace and has worked with many leading corporations, mid-sized players and venture capital backed businesses on the build out of their leadership teams and process infrastructure to ensure reporting objectives are met to reduce risks.

Hong Kong’s first Lead Acid Battery Recycling Centre (HKLARBC) !

CSC Press release July 27, 2016 – Hong Kong’s first Lead Acid Battery Recycling Centre (HKLARBC) is opening as early as December 2016 leading to a more environmentally friendly Hong Kong. Recently, improper disposal practices have been highlighted by recent government enforcement action including 60 convictions in June 2016. The HKLABRC will solve this problem […]

What is UBER?

WHAT IS UBER?    UBER is  a business which connects people who need rides With people who will pick them up using their own vehicles and take them where they want to go.  In short, a virtual taxi or limo service monitored from a location in space Which is not required to be near the […]