Mark Rittmayer
Born 2 June 1958
Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA
Education Accounting and Finance
Lehigh University
(Double Major)
Occupation Director
Employer CSC Asia Pacific Limited


Mark Rittmayer (born 2 June 1958 in New Jersey, USA) is an American businessman[1], best known for his various roles at KKR, PWC, IBM, AIG/AIA and CSC. With over 25 years of successful SAP implementation[2] experience, he is now the Chief Financial Officer of CSC Asia Pacific Limited[3]. His passion is in technology applications utilizing interconnected data and services.

After graduating from Lehigh University, Rittmayer started his adult life as a trainee semi-professional soccer player, making appearances for the Greek team in the Los Angeles Budweiser Leagues. However, after working with KKR Management in Los Angeles and taking Deloitte audit courses, he qualified as an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. As a director for PricewaterhouseCoopers he traveled and taught all aspects of SAP in Russia, India, Japan, England and Australia. This is where his interests in the cultural aspects of Asia were cultivated.

He joined IBM in 2003, initially working for the CFO under the SOX program for global risk. He progressed through various roles in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong, where he became Vice President of AIA from 2008 to 2010. He was appointed Finance Director at Prudential Corporation Asia, but left the group in 2011 after growing frustrated at the lack of upward opportunity. He then formed CSC Asia Pacific Limited and became Chief Financial Officer and holds other directorship roles.

Following Prudential's bungled attempt to acquire AIA, Rittmayer rejoined IBM in 2012 as Senior Managing Consultant. In August 2013 he left IBM, stating he had achieved all that he wanted to achieve in the role and the decision to leave was "entirely personal". He does not intend to retire, stating "There’s at least ten more years left in me". Rittmayer is an active California CPA[4] and a permanent member of the Hong Kong Football Club squash section[5]and a permanent resident of Hong Kong SAR. He currently advises on sustainable innovative investment projects with Environmental, Social and Governance implications for the future generations[6][7][8][9]. With a role in market leadership in Asia he plans to be a market influencer for the foreseeable future in Hong Kong [10-16] and greater China. He is transitioning into technology related to global Broadcasting and Communications to cover financial services transformations.


Personal Life

Rittmayer is married and has 3 sons and one daughter. Rittmayer's company, CSC Asia Pacific Limited sponsors squash tournaments and youth squash in Asia.

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